Your Protection

There are many reasons to choose G. L. LaPierre & Company, Inc., Detective Agency, and at the top of the list is our comprehensive insurance coverage we have with Hessler Insurance Solutions of Blue Jay, California. In addition to our comprehensive insurance policy, we maintain a $1,000,000 bond with Time Finance Adjusters.

We are proud members in good standing with TFA, Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce, Rhode Island Repossession Association, and the National Associaton of Fraud Investigators.

At G. L. LaPierre & Company, Inc, we work hard to prevent accidents, but when and if they do happen, its good to know that we've got you covered.


G.L. LaPierre & Company, Inc., Detective Agency
PO Box 843
Glendale, Rhode Island 02826

Phone: 800.216.7376
Fax: 401.568.2408

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